Success Story Series #1 (Applied Communication)

Cani Fajak chose Applied Communication because she wants a career as a human resource consultant after she graduates from Methodist University. Reaching out to people, finding solutions for problems, and being a mentor are things she enjoys, and they are part of working in the communications field and human resources. Through the Applied Communication major,… Read More Success Story Series #1 (Applied Communication)

Featured Alumna

Manin Keo traveled around the world before coming to Methodist University, a small, liberal arts school in the state of North Carolina. Her experience and education at the university led her to intern at the United Nations Foundation, where she worked with the Every Women Every Child Private Sectors Engagement Team after graduating in May 2016. Her inspirational story and efforts to help others don’t start in New York City, however, but in Cambodia, where she was born. Click to read more…… Read More Featured Alumna