While at Methodist University, Tehillah Chinunga enjoyed combining courses of varying intensity and fields of study in a liberal arts setting. She built upon this knowledge by participating in several internships. After her
freshman year at MU, Tehillah volunteered at the African Bible College Clinic & Pharmacy in Malawi. There she was exposed to the small-scale functioning of pharmacies and learned how medication prescriptions are determined.
After this experience, Tehillah served as a Residential Counselor in the Duke Talent Identification Program at Duke University the summer after her sophomore year. This internship aided in developing her leadership and interpersonal skills even further. After completing her junior year, Tehillah interned as a Scientific Summer Scholar with Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Emeryville, Calif. She says that working in the Clinical Microbiology Lab was an amazing experience. Tehillah internationalprograms@methodist.edu methodist.edu I Whatsapp Us at +1 910.303.5905rJ facebook.com/MethodistUniversity developed practical skills during her internship and was able to work and network with fellow scientists.
Tehillah has been offered a research position as a Postbaccalaureate
Scholar at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, Inc. in Boston, Mass. due to her outstanding performance and service during her internship. The
job will last for two years and will encompass scientific communication in local seminars and national conferences and academic partnerships with local universities in the area. Tehillah says thather background in Biology and Chemistry built a strong foundation for her future endeavors and provided knowledge applicable to her upcoming job. Tehillah plans to gain more exposure in the field of research and further develop her skills and knowledge in order to pursue a graduate school program in the area of pharmaceuticals.
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