Featured MU Student Story


Student: Karan Padmakumar
University Year: Sophomore (2nd year)
Major: Athletic Training
Financial Aid: Presidential Scholarship
High School Attended: Indus International School, Bangalore
Nationality: Indian

My name is Karan Padmakumar and I am a sophomore (2nd year student) Athletic Training major at Methodist University (MU). When I graduate I intend to get my Masters in Physical Therapy. My long-term goal is to gain work experience here in the United States, go back to my home in Bangalore (India) and start my own Physical Therapy clinic.

Growing up, I played every sport I could, but as I matured, I focused on playing football. While playing, I became interested in player injuries and in their recovery. As sports medicine is not a well-developed concentration in the Indian education institutions, I decided to explore American universities. MU was the perfect fit for me. The Athletic Training Program is highly ranked and I was able to join the competitive university football team.

The athletic training program is extraordinary because my education is based on experiential learning. Each athletic training student is assigned to a specific sports team, and we work with the athletes to monitor their health. Presently, I am assigned to work with the woman’s basketball team. When a player is injured, they come to me.  I, with the guidance of my professor, assess and create a treatment plan for the athlete’s recovery. The newly dedicated Thomas R. Mclean Health Science Building (image below) contains  state-of-the-art technology which enhances our development of recovery techniques and research.

My professors are primarily focused on my development and offer assistance when requested. The small class sizes at MU makes it conducive for an engaging, enriching and empowering relationship between the student and the professor. We are provided all-day access to our classrooms and labs to allow collaborative learning amongst peers and professors.  Methodist University offers me everything I need in order to become a successful person in my profession and I truly believe that it was my best choice.



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